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Uniform Care

Garment Care Instructions

Logos: Garments with a logo must not be washed with chlorine bleach.  Chlorine bleach WILL fade the logo and eventually remove the design.  Do not iron. The heat from the iron will melt or damage the logo.
Shirts: Turn inside out and machine wash in warm water. Tumble dry on low or hang dry. DO NOT over dry.
Pants: To prevent fading, machine wash in cold water in a detergent without bleach. Dry on medium heat. Iron if necessary.
Plaid Garments: Machine wash in warm water. A liquid detergent is preferable. To help keep the pleats in, smooth out the pleats and hang to dry since the dryer presses out the pleats. Do not wash or dry with towels since this will make the fabric pill.
Sweaters: For best results turn inside out and machine wash in cold water. Lay flat or hang up to dry.  Do not wash or dry with towels since this will make the fabric pill.


  • For best performance, launder before garment is worn.
  • Make sure detergent is completely dissolved before adding clothes.
  • To keep dark colors from fading, wash only in cold water.
  • Turn garments inside out.
  • Make sure zippers are closed on all garments before washing.
  • Pre-treat spots with a stain remover before washing.
  • Pre-soak stubborn stains or white garments in a non-chlorine bleach such as OxiClean by following directions on the package.
  • Pre-treat dark colored sweatshirts or garments to help prevent fading by adding ½ to 1 cup of white vinegar to your cold wash water the first time it’s washed.


  • Never use chlorine bleach.  Chlorine bleach can make white fabrics yellow, thin fabric and WILL damage logos.
  • Since heat is the major cause of fading and shrinking, do not use highest heat of dryer on any fabrics.
  • Do not over dry garments. It is better to hang up items to finish drying rather than over drying your garments.
  • Never wash garments with towels.  This will cause the fabric to pill. Fabric pilling is defined as bunches and/or balls of tangled fibers on the surface of garment.