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Our History

Have you ever wondered about the history of Vicki Marsha Uniforms? Where did the name come from? How did Diane and her husband Tim come to own VMU? Read on to find out!

In 1947, a couple named Wallace and Camille Crook purchased Vicki Marsha Originals. At the time, the company produced frilly dresses for little girls. Across the United States, luxury department stores such as Marshall Fields, Neiman Marcus, I. Magnin and Bullocks purchased the popular label. Since the dresses were so well known, Wallace and Camille decided to keep the company name, which was named after the original owner's daughter, Vicki Marsha.

The focus of Vicki Marsha Originals changed in 1952 when nuns from a nearby Catholic school came to the company seeking a more attractive uniform for their female students. Creating a balance between fashion and practicality, the Crooks chose an imported gingham plaid for the girl's jumpers and skirts. This new look made quite a stir in the surrounding Catholic community and before they knew it, other schools in the area were contacting Wallace and Camille. Vicki Marsha Uniforms was born!

As the trend in uniform manufacturing continued to grow, the company kept up with orders for both the original fashion line and school uniforms for nearly ten years. When lace and frills declined in popularity in the early 1960’s, the decision was made to manufacture school uniforms exclusively.

Vicki Marsha Uniforms is still family owned and operated. After Wallace passed away in 1976, son Buck began working with Camille, taking over his father’s duties. Daughter Sherry, who worked at the company for years during the busy season, began working on a full time basis in 1990 when Camille passed away. The company thrived under Buck and Sherry's leadership.

In the early 2000's, since Buck and Sherry wished to retire, a search began for someone to take over Vicki Marsha Uniforms. There was no family member to pass the company along to so they had to find a person they trusted to sell it to. Although offers came in from other uniform companies to consolidate their schools into their own, they turned the proposals down. Their employees and the schools they served had become like their family.

At a Christmas party in 2005, Sherry had a conversation with a long-time family friend, Diane Cologne. Sherry invited Diane to leave her job and come on board as one of her assistants. Sherry explained that she and Buck were getting ready to retire and needed trustworthy help to run the company. Not long after, Sherry and Buck approached Diane about buying Vicki Marsha. She brought the idea home to her husband Tim. Did they want to? Could they do it? The answer was a resounding yes!

With immense respect for what the Crooks and their children created and the good choices that had been made over the years, Tim and Diane officially became the owners of Vicki Marsha Uniforms in May of 2006. Continuing in the Crook's family legacy, Tim and Diane believe their priority is to maintain the traditions set by Wallace and Camille starting back in 1947. The Colognes follow the Crooks lead by keeping the company mission of providing the highest quality uniform available along with the best service possible to the schools that wear their uniforms.